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Gut Health


Fermented Foods that support your gut health and immune system.

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

Ayurvedic Proverb

Gut Health Starter Pack

With active probiotics, digestive tea, and a potent mushroom supplement, the Gut Health Starter Pack offers a thorough approach to maintaining gut health.

This pack provides everything you need to begin your journey to optimal gut health, whether your goals are to improve digestion, lower inflammation, or promote immune function.

Add these foods to your daily diet to further support your gut health goals and optimise your outcome.

Food for Gut Health

Almonds have good probiotic properties because they boost butyrate (short-chain fatty acid) production. Butyrate fuels colon cells, improves gut health and controls nutrient absorption.

Almonds are good for gut health


Asparagus contains fibre, a good source of prebiotics for beneficial micorbes. They help your stomach and intestines function regularly by supporting digestion and nutritional absorption.

Asparagus is good for gut health


Omega 3 in Avocado supports the health of the intestinal cell wall, boosts microbial diversity and increases anti-inflammatory compounds.

Avocado is good for gut health


Bananas contain prebiotic fibre called inulin which promotes growth of beneficial bacteria lactobacilli and suppresses pathogenic bacteria.

Banana is good for gut health


Chlorophyll and sulphur compounds in Brussels Sprouts, aid in the healing of the mucous lining of the gastrointestinal tract and the removal of bacteria from the colon.

Brussels Sprouts are good for gut health

Brussels Sprouts

Fiber in cabbage promotes regular bowel movements. Other nutrients maintain the strength of the lining of the stomach and intestines and may aid in the repair of stomach ulcers.

cabbage is good for gut health


With its antibacterial and antifungal qualities, garlic can help regulate "bad" gut flora and balance intestinal yeast.

Garlic is good for gut health


Ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds, boosts stomach acid, stimulates  digestion and can also relieve nausea. 

Ginger is good for gut health


Legumes are a rich source of prebiotics that feed beneficial microbes in the gut and aid regular bowel movement.

Legumes are good for gut health


Snowpeas' fibre nourishes good intestinal bacteria which is vital for digestive health. Fibre may also reduce risk of Inflammatory bowel illness, IBS and colon cancer.

Snow peas are good for gut health


Sweet potato contains fiber and beta-carotene (Vitamin A). Fiber supports the growth of good bacteria and Vitamin A is vital for healthy mucous membranes in stomach lining.

Sweet Potato is good for gut health

Sweet Potato

Quinoa fibre helps gut bacteria manufacture butyrate, a gut-boosting short-chain fatty acid. Butyrate lowers inflammation and controls overactive immune cells.

Quinoa is good for gut health


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