Turkey Tail
Turkey Tail


Turkey Tail

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Trametes versicolor (Turkey tail mushroom) 10:1 extract powder

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Turkey Tail


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One of the fungus kingdom's most common species, the Trametes mushroom grows in various parts of the world and has a long history of documented use in numerous ancient civilizations. Its fan shape strongly resembles the tail of a standing turkey, which is why it is known as the "turkey tail" mushroom in the West.

Because it grew on evergreen pines, the turkey tail fruiting body was highly treasured by ancient Taoists (trees that were thought to hold deep yang energy within their roots). As a result, it was frequently given in yang deficiency diseases. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) classic books frequently discuss its capacity to expel wind and damp while treating abnormal cells, curing upper respiratory infections, and boosting stamina. It is acknowledged as a herb that supports the qi and the spleen, lung, and liver.

Because it is the purest form of medicine for the human race, turkey tail mushrooms are the most common in the world, growing on almost every continent and in every location. It is indisputable that eating turkey tail strengthens your immune system.

The gorgeously striated polypore known as a turkey tail can be found in temperate forests on all continents except Antarctica. The turkey tail mushroom has undergone the most extensive research of all the mushrooms, and numerous human studies have shown benefits for both preventing modern diseases and supporting the immune system when undergoing medical operations.



Wild-harvested and water-extracted Di Dao from China's Changbai Mountains. The majority of turkey tail growth occurs on fallen, dead, or dying branches of broadleaf trees. Additionally, they develop on dying coniferous trees like larch and black pine.
Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.

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